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Supply chain optimization is critically important to the food and beverage (F&B) industry, as production or delivery errors/delays can have a significant impact on company cash. That’s why businesses in the F&B industry trust Esker’s AI-powered automated solutions to process, manage and archive their critical documents — even enabling staff to prioritize urgent orders while managers get instant visibility into data to help ensure compliance. 

Building Materials

For companies in the building materials industry, fast and accurate document exchange has a direct connection to profitability — and traditional processes simply don’t cut it. Slowdowns or errors caused by manual touch points can lead to significant supply chain expenses and costly disruptions.

Esker’s leading automation software allows manufacturers of building materials to free themselves from lengthy processing times, high costs, errors and low visibility. A single digital solution can automate the processing, routing and archiving of documents all while gathering key data via machine learning and promoting collaboration.


The electronics industry is not immune to economic changes and fluctuations, particularly in the semiconductor market. Esker’s automation solutions represent a new way forward for companies looking to evolve their cost structures. In addition to increasing document processing speed, reducing errors and improving compliance, Esker helps electronics companies simplify and expand document tracking — something that isn’t attainable using manual processing when dealing with returns, which ultimately makes it harder to accurately reflect their revenue position. 


With patients more digitally engaged, regulations as complex as ever and value-based outcomes defining the marketplace, the life sciences industry finds itself in a critical stage of transformation. Still, the success of life sciences companies often boils down to how effectively they handle, process and manage their documentation.

Esker’s AI-driven business process automation software eliminates the traditional pains of manual document processing, freeing up critical resources to drive improvement, identify ROI opportunities and realize profits sooner. Esker allows companies to unify their data and analytics while optimizing the security, efficiency and scalability of their operations.


In the chemical industry, errors can have costly consequences. For example, if an order error occurs and perishable chemicals are shipped to the wrong location, they cannot be reused. Despite this and other unique industry challenges — from unanticipated variations in commodity prices to increased number of recalls to managing manufacturing and operational data — there are still opportunities to create competitive advantages. Through Esker, facilitating more efficient and accurate O2C and P2P processes has never been easier for chemical companies.

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