Data Privacy

What is it? What does Esker do to keep it safe?

What is data privacy?

Data privacy is the ability of individuals to determine who can access their personal information, in order to protect personal data from those who should not have access to it. It includes matters such as consent, data collection, regulatory compliance and various laws.

Why is it important?

​Any lack of access controls regarding personal information can put individuals at risk for fraud and identity theft. Most modern software lives in the cloud; therefore, businesses can no longer easily inspect that software for security and privacy compliance due to infrastructure barriers between vendors and their own data.


  • United States privacy laws

    Learn about state-specific data privacy laws and the federal obligations Esker monitors.

  • PIPEDA and Canadian privacy

    Learn how Esker keeps up to date with privacy laws in Canada.


  • GDPR

    Learn about the GDPR, Esker's DPA, and the litigation and legislation that Esker takes into consideration.

  • LGPD of Brazil

    Learn how Esker ensures compliance with data privacy laws specific to Latin America.

To learn more about our approach to security and data privacy, please visit Esker’s privacy policy and terms of use websites. Further information about data protection can be found through the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

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