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Managing multiple payment sources and formats (e.g., banks, lock boxes, emails, PDFs), not to mention the different levels of data in each document, can be a real pain for AR teams trying to allocate cash in a timely and effective manner. Esker's AI engine automates the manually intensive process of matching payments received from all incoming payment information sources so your team can focus on higher value tasks and control cash flow in real time.

  • Improve AccuracyStreamline the cash app process by reducing time-consuming errors.
  • Increase ProductivityFree up AR team to focus on more strategic, value-added activities.
  • Enhance VisibilityGet insights into cash likely to be received & your total receivables.
  • Accelerate DeductionsSpeed up your team’s deductions and dispute identification process.


Esker’s AI-driven recognition technologies intelligently capture data to provide 3-way matching and accurate reconciliation — even from the most complex remittances seen for the first time. Not only are payments auto-allocated to the related customer and invoices, configurable business rules and intelligent suggestions also accelerate the allocation process when there isn’t a remittance or if auto-allocation isn’t possible. By automating the manually intensive process, Esker improves the speed and accuracy when capturing and reading data from remittances. The result? Your cash is cleared in one hour!

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Esker's accounts receivable solution has more than 200 auto match rules available

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Simplify your cash application process with all payment information visible from one interface:

  • Extracted information from payment files
  • Check and/or remittance image
  • Invoices and highlighted suggestions for matching invoices with payment or remittance
  • Help messages and resulting explanations
  • Dedicated adjustment entries section
  • Direct link to customer accounts


You can’t improve what you can’t see! Esker’s cloud solution empowers users by providing:

  • All payment information centralized in one place
  • Clear KPIs on remaining cash to allocate
  • Graphs to monitor activity (e.g., auto-allocation status, remittance processing, allocation per user, etc.)
  • Output file reports to facilitate reconciliation into the ERP or share allocation statuses
  • Workspace to easily navigate to your AR dashboard to view cash position (e.g., cash to collect, cash tied up in invoices not sent, etc.)
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